• High Quality
  • Innovation
  • A Heritage of Craftsmanship
  • User friendly
  • Attention to Safety
  • High Technology
  • Intelligent Production
  • Commitment

We are fully committed to excellence. Every piece we make, no matter how different in appearance from the others, will share the same standards of craftsmanship, quality of materials and attention to detail.

Our company has sought out the best working methods. After years of experience in the field of home and kitchen furniture, Feg and Salvarani continue to follow two broad guidelines: to advance the frontiers of design and to constantly improve the production materials.

Feg and Salvarani products are the point of contact between industrial innovation and craftsman knowledge. Those are the same criteria with which we carry on important phases like veneering. We select the finest materials on the market and we process them with the highest mastery.

We understand the wants and needs of the customer. This is the reason why all of our projects combine esthetics and functionality in an organic whole and create a truly comfortable, relaxing environment.

Every project must respect our safety and reliability standards. We design our furniture around the needs of the customer, always keeping in mind that living habits and life styles are in a constant state of flux. Each project strives for a graceful balance between esthetics and safety.

Every piece of furniture has hidden elements that we may not think about but that are fundamental, like the doors hinges or the drawers runners. All the hardware we use meets the highest European standards.

The entire production process is based in Giussano, using the most advanced technologies. More than 200 people are involved in every step and detail, from planning to shipping. The production center in Giussano is equipped with the most advanced facilities creating a safe, harmonious working environment.

The company culture that Feg and Salvarani seek to share with all of their partners can be summed up in one word: commitment. The qualities that we look for in our partners are dedication to the company, efficiency and precision in their individual roles and team spirit. This selection process is the best guarantee we can offer as partners to realize your projects. The experience that we have gained over the years in the contract business makes Feg and Salvarani the ideal partners in high quality projects that are also cost competitive because there are no middle men.